Digital Enterprise: Step One

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The NewVantage Partners Big Data and AI Executive Survey for 2019 was recently released. It shows that an overwhelming 92% of C-level participants are committed to increasing their investment in big data and AI. Unfortunately a whopping 77% of respondents admit that business adoption of these initiatives continues to be a challenge. In fact only a meagre 28% of organizations surveyed can claim to have a true "data culture."

Large enterprise organizations are still struggling with their data-driven, business transformation. Meanwhile, steadily increasing data volumes and relentless disruption from data-driven competitors are keeping companies heavily motivated and highly invested in accelerating their business agility.

Add to that the emergence of data ethics and the rising attention being paid to data protection and it's becoming increasingly important for organizations to start treating their data like an asset and not just an afterthought.

As a result, companies are starting to extend their vision and adopt a longer-term lens. It's the realization that the process is a journey that needs a solid starting point to get them headed in the right direction. And AI in this context is a capability not a destination.

To become truly data-driven, companies need to wrap their arms around all their data, scattered across countless repositories and legacy systems. Success here drives success further down the road, improves data confidence and drives smarter decisions.

Get started on the right foot and lay a solid foundation by managing 100% of your enterprise data. Deliver quick wins on the path to becoming a data-driven, digital enterprise. We can help you get started and deliver results without extensive professional services or need for custom integrations. It's business modernization made easy. 


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David Yoon

Written by David Yoon

Director of Marketing at Shinydocs Corporation. Delivering information management that embraces your current work culture and optimizes your technology investments.

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