Overcoming a case of A.I. FOMO

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 The arms race of artificial intelligence has started, and many organizations are experiencing a classic case of fear of missing out aka FOMO. In this case, FOMO isn’t just fear of missing an opportunity, but it could mean your business is falling dangerously behind. Now that all attention is on implementing A.I. solutions to drive business and data strategies, the time has come to either get on board or face consequences. This is a guide on how you can overcome the fear of missing A.I.

We’ve created this checklist to see if your organization has a serious case of A.I. FOMO. If you have one or multiple of these symptoms, contact us immediately to fix your A.I. FOMO.

Symptom 1: Not 100% sure where the data lives

Most organizations have little understanding of

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where their files are stored. In fact, 85% of data in an organization is dark. This means the businesses can’t leverage the full value of their data as it sits today.

Not only is there a fear of dark data, but we know that data will likely grow exponentially, with a mere 3% actually being analyzed and understood.

Symptom 2: Experience envy towards companies using A.I., but don’t know where to start

giphy-downsized (8).gifArtificial intelligence seems overwhelming. You hear about it in the news and online, and you want “it,” but what is A.I.? You can’t just go out and “buy some A.I.”

84% of respondents say A.I. will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage.

Investing in A.I. might be something your business wants to implement, but it’s unclear where to start to make that decision. 1

Symptom 3: Isn’t A.I. more than Chatbots?

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The first implementations of “A.I. in the Enterprise” is

 support bots. Every company seems to be investing in these helpful clients. The reality is that even chatbots need all your data to make them work effectively. Your goal should be to advance beyond chatbots and really start driving your business with a clear understanding of your data.

Symptom 4: Fragmented data causes nausea and heartburn

giphy-downsized (11).gifWhen data is fragmented, dark, and living in many data silos, there is no way of leveraging the knowledge in that data. There’s even concern about not knowing where personally identifiable information (PII) is on your company’s messy shared network.

Does this sound like you? It’s time to get the help you need. Book your appointment with the ShinyDoctor today.

A.I. learns at machine speed, and those who fail to start now, will be so far behind they never catch up to their competition.

Those with the willingness to make A.I. investments will see significant future opportunities and cost savings. By being in a position to take advantage of the rapidly accelerating advancements in Artificial Intelligence, companies can establish a lead and be on the right side of the chasm that separates the winners from the losers.

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1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2017/09/10/how-artificial-intelligence-is-revolutionizing-business-in-2017/#7bdd21be5463

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