Are computers really as good as people at classifying data?

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Over the past decade, computer power has increased exponentially. With the meteoric rise of powerful tools like Artificial Intelligence, the gaps between human and computer have narrowed quite significantly.

Even still, you might still have doubts and find yourself asking the following question:
“Are computers really as good as people in classifying data?”

It’s a reasonable question, especially if your organization is accustomed to managing data and information through sheer human effort. For the vast majority of our history, that’s the way we’ve gotten things done. If this was 2010, there would have been nothing wrong with that. But today, there is simply too much digital content being created faster than we can track and manage. Our teams are being overwhelmed by this tsunami of data.

The good news is that not only are computers as good as people at classifying data, they’re actually much better.


The Power of Machine Learning

So what makes computers better than people at managing information, anyways? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Computers are never tired. They are just as efficient and fast-paced on a Friday afternoon as they are on a Monday morning.
  • Computers will work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They don’t need sleep. They don’t need lunch breaks.
  • A computer doesn't need to care about what they are doing to do a good job. With the right programming, any task or project can be done quickly and on budget.
  • A computer has no turn-over. It doesn't quit, file grievances, or get sick. It never wins the lottery or gets hit by a bus.
  • Computers are much less expensive to operate than people.
  • Once the computer is trained, it is trained forever.


No, Skynet Isn't Taking Over the World

Although computers have many advantages over humans when it comes to classifying your organization’s data, that does not mean people are not important. In fact, when you embrace AI and machine learning, your employees can shift their focus to the things that they do best, like unstructured problem-solving and critical thinking.

What does this all mean? When people and computers come together, the entire organization reaps the benefits. We’ve seen those benefits play out time and time again since launching our renowned Cognitive Suite. It uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to sift through enormous amounts of information and organize it, turning this former liability into an asset.

This suite of products helps companies like yours minimize compliance risk, optimize enterprise search, identify critical business documents, and isolate high risk information. You can finally retire the outdated manual processes of end user file indexing, attribution and classification and let Artificial Intelligence do the work.

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today and see the power of our Cognitive Suite first-hand:

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Chris Hussey

Written by Chris Hussey

Chris is a Content Marketing Specialist at Shinydocs. As a former journalist-turned marketer, Chris is passionate about telling a good story and providing value for organizations all over the world.

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