Artificial Intelligence – It’s more than a buzzword

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On October 24th, Shinydocs hosted our most successful webinar “AI Automation to Make Documents Part of Your Big Data Strategy.” Shinydocs Cognitive is the most powerful A.I. powered document management solution. Here are the key takeaways from our webinar:

1. Time to panic?

Most data isn’t finding its way into a structured environment. In fact, 85% of data is unmanaged, poses massive risk, and provides no value to your organization. When you look at your file shares, user desktops, and the other places you store data, it is overwhelming compared to what we usually call “big data.”  We suggest that every piece of information that your organization creates, whether it be an email, a chat history, a document or a contract, it has value to your organization and it should be recognized and understood.

The time has come to give that unstructured data some context before it’s too late.

2. Artificial Intelligence is the key

Artificial Intelligence is the perfect tool to help understand enterprise data. A.I. automatically classifies each document based on learned metadata and content. Once A.I. has crawled and classified the enterprise data, we now truly understand what documents exist. You can then make decisions about where that document should live and drive workflows.

Combined with robotic process automation this A.I. enriched data can power your enterprise to make impactful decisions and trigger responses based on the documents in your organization.

3. It’s time for your big data to be BIG

With Shinydocs Cognitive, big data is finally BIG. Understand and manage all of your enterprise documents, creating an environment where 100% of data is managed. Drive workflows, promote enterprise efficiency and optimize performance all with Shinydocs.


We had a great turnout for this Webinar and look forward to the next! Thanks to everyone who listened in.

Let us demonstrate how we create value from your enterprise data: sign up for a proof-of-concept here. 

Did you miss the webinar? Here is a link to a recording: Watch now

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