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One of the most common things I hear other companies say is how they can’t improve diversity because they’re just not getting the diverse candidates. Instead of asking how to attract more diverse candidates, maybe it’s time we ask ourselves, what are we doing as a company to deserve more diverse candidates?

While diversity in general is a much broader topic that encompasses many visible and hidden factors from physical to mental in breadth; gender diversity is often discussed among tech companies as it’s one of the easiest to measure. So let’s talk specifically about gender diversity in a growing company.

Over the last eight months, the Shinydocs team has almost tripled in size. Any company growing at that rate will be tempted to slack a little on recruitment practices, potentially at a detriment to future growth potential. One of the things often overlooked is diversity when there’s pressure for fast growth, and that’s when comments about the lack of diversity in the candidate pool start to emerge. It’s not impossible to grow exponentially while hiring diverse candidates; it’s just really hard. The good news for companies is that as your team becomes more diverse, you will start to attract more diverse candidates and it becomes easier. A great way to start is to pick one specific area and strive to improve it, whether it’s to increase the number of female applicants for a traditionally male-dominated role, or to write more gender-neutral job postings. There are countless resources on what your company can do to be better; you just have to be willing to put in the effort.

At the beginning of 2019, Shinydocs comprised of 8.3% women. Today, we’re at 29%, but it’s still not good enough. We’ve made changes to our recruitment process and have actively sourced diverse candidates, resulting in 42% of our recent hires to be women. Building a diverse team is a known method to improve business outcomes and here at Shinydocs, we’re already starting to see the level of impact our new hires have had in their short tenure here.

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Joanna Woo

Written by Joanna Woo

Joanna is a Certified Human Resources Leader and the Director of People and Culture at Shinydocs Corporation. Specializing in the technology industry, she has spent her career transforming HR, applying software design and development principles to traditional HR practices.

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