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Organizations are adapting to this new digital world by changing their business strategy to become "data-first".  They are using information to drive decisions, improve customer experience and power their business. To do this, organizations are investing in business intelligence and document management tools to manage information and drive value. 

Shinydocs solutions are the perfect solution because we blend the best of both options into one toolkit. Read more to learn how we do it: 

Let's meet the players:

Business Intelligence

According to CIO Magazine, business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence that informs an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions.1 BI helps to turn information into actionable insights. BI is a key strategy because it improves customer experience, reduces response time and boosts employee productivity.  

Document Management

Gartner describes Document management (DM) as a function in which applications or middle ware perform data management tasks tailored for typical unstructured documents (including compound documents). It may also be used to manage the flow of documents through their life cycles.2 Document management manages all information through capture, classification, migration and on-going management of the data. Document management is vital to ensure compliance and security  across the organization. It reduces risks associated with breaches, but also protects business reputation.  

Shinydocs and business intelligence:

Shinydocs is the only solution to seamlessly crawl unstructured information in-place, giving your BI team insight into 100% of enterprise data. With machine learning, Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis understands documents at a content level, giving a transparent view of documents in file shares, emails & personal drives.

Business Intelligence teams can use this new found insight to improve processes, reduce the customer response time, & speed up on-boarding of new employees.

Shinydocs and document management:

Shinydocs is the world's best solution to manage unstructured data. Using AI, Shinydocs automatically classifies data in-place. Armed with only a few training files, our AI engines crawl & classify documents across file shares and ECM. Once documents are classified, organizations are able to dispose of redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data and reduce their document footprint. Our customers have seen up to 60% reduction in data size.

Shinydocs solutions allow document managers to get ahead of their growing data sizes & promote compliance across the entire organization.

Whether you are on the business intelligence team or responsible for document management, it's clear that Shinydocs presents significant value. From retiring manual processes for classification to boosting employee productivity, Shinydocs is the best way for your organization to adapt to the digital world.




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