What does collaboration mean?

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First off let me just say that I’m not a huge fan of the word. It’s bordering on buzz speak, becoming as ubiquitous as “bleeding-edge”, “best-of-breed” and “customer-centric”. It’s meaning gets diluted and washed out with each use until it becomes a meaningless catch-all, liberally applied to just about any application hoping for a bit of social gloss.

collabmeanBut that’s what we do. It’s like the George Carlin joke: “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” We facilitate document collaboration, everyone else has got it wrong.

Dropbox has become synonymous with cloud based collaboration. It’s easy to use, easy to explain and best of all, it’s also free. But what does collaboration look like with Dropbox?

Everyone can convene around a shared file with equal opportunity to work on it - so presto - collaboration! The problem is that you never truly know when someone has worked on that file. Hell, they may not even know you’ve put it there for them to edit. Email needs to come along before any collaboration happens. So you fire off a message with your instructions. Now we’ve disassociated the task from the document, creating a back and forth across two different mediums.

With longer collaborations spanning weeks, countless revisions, digressions and tangents it can quickly become a mess. Projects that go dark for months at a time only to resurface necessitate a mad scramble to root out the latest version and the dispersed paper trail that got everyone there. It’s collaboration Jim, but not as we know it.

ECM tools can consolidate the information surrounding a document and keep a tidy audit trail of all activity while ensuring the latest version is readily available, but only if you’re working with resources inside your firewall. Working with clients, customers and partners can become a permissioning nightmare requiring IT involvement. And if your definition of collaboration involves editing it means checking out the file, downloading it to your desktop, making your changes and then eventually uploading it back into the system. The reality means multiple documents languishing across multiple desktops.

So forget about ECM tools slowing down the process or those maniacs using insecure collaboration tools trying to pass IT in the wrong lane. Shinydocs gets you where you need to be quickly and securely. Editing is instantaneous with a single click, feedback is consolidated in a single interface, and everything remains secure throughout the process whether you’re working internally or with resources outside your firewall.

Ultimately collaboration is about people and behaviours. Technology is the enabler not the solution - we’d just rather you equip you in a Ferrari with working seatbelts.

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