Consolidating Your Globally Distributed ECM

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Organizations often wrestle with multiple ECM instances. It’s a costly endeavour which leads to fragmented information silos, extensive maintenance fees and significant upgrade costs. Shinydrive for Globally Distributed ECM allows companies to consolidate to a single instance while improving speed to access through intelligent caching.

De-centralized Deployments

For global organizations de-centralized deployments are the simplest and most commonly used scenario. Users access the ECM system closest to them and by distributing deployments users avoid latency and connectivity issues associated with trans-continental networks. Even with distributed centres however there will be outliers in remote locations such as oil rigs, mines and research facilities that will still have to contend with unreliable connectivity and sluggish speeds.

Maintenance fees become a multiple of deployment numbers and upgrade costs can become prohibitive. On the day to day side, users can face the issue of finding the right information at the right time with information distributed across systems. Multiple versions, document overlaps and outdated information can begin cropping up making finding the right information at the right time a challenge.

Shinydrive for Globally Distributed ECM


Shinydrive allows geographically distributed staff to rely on a centralized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system while theShinydrive client and middleware lets users enjoy local connectivity. Intelligent caching of folder views and files enables extremely fast access to content and users never transfer the same document content twice. Only new information is passed over the wire, optimizing bandwidth utilization and accommodating for sub-optimal network reliability. End users feel like enterprise content is local to their computer.

Shinydrive’s lightweight footprint makes it an extremely effective to acquire, deploy and maintain and provides an ROI that includes money savings, compliance, and perhaps most importantly provides the users with an optimized user experience that will lead to 100% adoption.

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David Yoon

Written by David Yoon

Director of Marketing at Shinydocs Corporation. Delivering information management that embraces your current work culture and optimizes your technology investments.

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