Where is your Dark Data?

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According to IDC, the world is going to produce 180 trillion gigabytes of data in 2025.1 Even with all of the solutions available, most data lives outside of a managed solution. In fact, 85% of enterprise data is unmanaged or “dark.”

The Problem with Dark Datadarkd2.jpg

Having data sitting in an unmanaged ecosystem puts entire organizations at risk. Business critical and personal identifiable information (PII) are usually scattered between file shares, user desktops, unmanaged legacy repositories, and emails. In a world where data breaches are occurring on an increasingly frequent basis, executives need to define a strategy to save their enterprise data from unmanaged solutions by migrating into cloud or ECM.

The Light Side of Dark Data

Dark data presents a huge opportunity for organizations to make impactful decisions. Currently, most organizations are making decisions based on only 15% of their data, but imagine the possibilities when there’s access to 100% of data.

  • Data is power: The more visible data is, the better decisions you can make. Drive workflows, promote efficiencies and empower employees with clean data.
  • A.I., A.I. and more A.I: IDC predicts that by 2020, 75% of enterprise applications are going to be leveraging A.I. technologies3. The more data an A.I. engine ingests, the more accurate and faster it becomes.
  • Competitors are doing it: Adopting A.I. into your company workflow will soon be standard. The reality is if you don’t start now, you are never going to catch up.

The Solution

Get data into a managed solution in order to reduce risk and get value from enterprise documents. Shinydocs help you get this data into industry leading back-end solution by crawling across every data repository and automatically classifies documents using artificial intelligence. Shinydocs is the only way to get 100% of documents into a knowledge management solution.

Interested in learning more? Check out our webinar on AI Automation to Make Documents Part of your Big Data Strategy. 

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