Data is a Weapon, Learn how to Wield It

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Raw, coherent data should be driving your business. Documents in your organizations are a force to be reckoned with when properly understood and managed. At Shinydocs, we believe in one simple principle: understanding enterprise data is the building block to any digital transformation effort.

It’s why we introduced Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis, the most powerful data visualization tool to crawl and understand enterprise documents. Once the crawl is complete, a full dashboard view of the enterprise data is presented. Shinydocs has introduced a simple 3-step process to understand enterprise files.

Step 1: Understand Your Data

Shinydocs crawls through data repositories at lightning speed and visualizes data repositories to identify redundant, obsolete and trivial information. It exposes documents containing sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), protecting your organization from lost data.

Step 2: Data Visualization

Our tool produces a dashboard which lets you see your data broken down into easy to read visuals. Dive into document information such as create dates, modified dates and more. Drill down even deeper for eDiscovery purposes to get ready for regulations such as GDPR.

Step 3: Make Data-Driven Decisions

Once data is understood, your organization can make decisions based on your documents. Make informed content decisions, migrate documents to an ECM, drive records management or even dispose of data.

Download our white paper to learn how our cognitive analysis tool performs a data analysis and gets documents managed in ECM. 

Eliminate File Shares in three easy steps using big data automation. 


Read the White Paper

Topics: Records Management, GDPR

Jay Barrett

Written by Jay Barrett

Customer Engagement at Shinydocs Corporation. My goal is to help customers realize the value of enterprise data.

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