100% Content Server Adoption at Derby City Council

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Derby City Council Delivers 100% Content Server Adoption

We’ve just wrapped up our OpenText Live webinar with David Millitt, Principal Information Software Support Officer at Derby City Council and we couldn’t have asked for a better champion. The session entitled Derby City Council Delivers 100% Adoption will be made available to OpenText customers shortly but in the meantime a quick recap. 

Back in 2012 Derby City Council brought in OpenText Content Server to manage records. In the first three years they managed to get 1000 people to log into the system. The number actively using the solution was even less, and as a result the solution was being pushed to the periphery. Users were unwilling to completely change the way they work and as a result were ignoring their in house solution. 

David Millitt was brought onboard to drive adoption throughout the organization. Working with Shinydrive early in the process he recalls having a Eureka moment. Here was the solution needed to bring users back to Content Server without disrupting the way staff worked day to day.

Since the initial engagement a month(!) ago Derby City has seen an additional 800,000 documents and 1,000 users added to Content Server.

It’s allowed David to start thinking differently, to ask the question “What happens when everyone is on Content Server?”

Not only that, he got to thinking about the over 500 applications within the Council that consume or generate documents. With Shinydrive he can start seriously considering complete application integration without the crippling costs of custom integrations. It’s changed the way the entire organization thinks about records management. It’s allowed David Millitt to think about the future of Content Server and the chance to consider the impossible.

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