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You've probably experienced a loss of internet connection at some point in your life - it casues all kinds of disruption. You can't access your email, the web, social media, pictures or even some of your documents. As the world transitions to digital, this access to information becomes even more important to your day to day life.

Access becomes even more critical when you are operating an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Organizations operating heavy asset-based businesses like floating oil rigs need to support employees in remote locations with persistent, reliable access to business critical information even in challenging conditions. Downtime can have serious implications for business continuity, maintenance operations, environment, health & safety, compliance, productivity and an organization’s bottom-line profitability.

Modernize your operationsInternet

In 2019, connection shouldn't be a problem. It's why Shinydocs has a solution, which installs in less than an hour to solve your connection challenges.

With Shinydocs High Performance Enterprise Library, companies are assured continuous, searchable offline access to all their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) data, regardless of connection. Users can search ECM directly from Windows Explorer and open files directly in their native applications. Content is kept up-to-date and operational efficiency is improved allowing users to execute better decisions ...faster.


Improve your performance

Shinydocs HPEL eliminates the complexity and costs of site level upgrades by allowing distributed access to a centralized instance of ECM. Relevant information is cached, which provides local access speeds regardless of latency. Speed the performance of your “digital oil field” even in the face of planned or unplanned outages. Ensure workers are always up-to-date with changes to the centralized libraries immediately pushed out to remote locations.



Manage your data - the right way

Our customers are seeing significant savings through the reduction of wrenchtime costs and working with a centralized instance of Content Server. Our solution boasts the fastest time-to-value on the market because we believe managing your information should not mean changing the way you work.

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Jay Barrett

Written by Jay Barrett

Customer Engagement at Shinydocs Corporation. My goal is to help customers realize the value of enterprise data.

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