ECM Market Growth to $66 Billion

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In a recent report, Markets And Markets estimates that the ECM market will grow from $28 billion in 2016 to over $66 billion by 2021. Fuelled by exponential data growth and the need to manage and secure this data, companies are looking to protect their information against data loss and mitigate against risk. Specifically the need for e-discovery and the preserving of electronic information which can be used as digital evidence in litigation issues.
What this means is a continued focus on addressing unstructured data lost in network shares, personal repositories and cloud solutions. It’s not enough to identify these sources but work towards bringing them into compliance.

North America is expected to hold the largest ECM market share in 2016 due to growth in e-commerce applications and need for better control and visibility mechanisms. APAC however is projected to see the highest growth rate for the duration owing to increasing technological adoption and a wider demand for ECM solutions.

There are no shortage of solutions available on the market to address this growth but it’s been shown that it’s not the technology that is failing the organization as much as it is the organization failing the technology. Issues around comprehensive adoption are an indication of human deficiency rather than technological deficiency. Organizations are still going to need to address the need for zero change management while protecting their digital information.

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David Yoon

Written by David Yoon

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