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“Shinydocs is not our hero. It's our silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.” Shinydocs has been protecting businesses since 2004 and there is one truth we’ve uncovered, email is every organization's enemy.

Unmanaged and undiscoverable, e-mail sits in the corporate dead-pool, when they should instead be used to drive business understanding and compliance. Whether it be email text or attachments, organizations have no way of capturing what data is being sent via email, leaving this massive repository unmanaged.

Shinydocs PST and Exchange Entity Extractor is a modern hero for a modern problem. Using artificial intelligence engines and machine learning, Shinydocs PST extractor defeats the challenges associated with email management. Here’s how:

spiderman butt GIF-sourceAI-driven Entity Extraction

Shinydocs entity extractor crawls through Exchange Servers and cracks open PST files. As it crawls through repositories, it uses machine learning to extract important entities from email files such as names, contract dates and organizations. This content is put into an index and becomes searchable across the organization. With regulations like GDPR coming into place this year, Shinydocs is the FASTEST way to get content in email managed and searchable.

Never Lose Email Againinteresting batman GIF-source

Some Shinydocs customers are crawling across the Microsoft Exchange E-Mail content of employees who are retiring - creating a fully searchable index of every email they've sent over the years. Once complete, the customers will have full-text search across a lifetime of email, ensuring no email is lost when employees leave.

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Attachments Have Met Their Match

Attachments are no longer invisible to the organization. Just like regular documents, Shinydocs can understand the content of the attachments and migrate the document to the correct repository. 



With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Shinydocs can turn email repositories into an asset for your organization. Shinydocs is here to save the day. Sign up for Shinydocs next webinar to learn the real AI-driven successes our customers are realizing right now


AI Driven Success

or reach out to our sales team at to learn more about how Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis can be a powerful ally.


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