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handstogetherAccording to a global study by Avanade nine out of ten IT staff say they are using social-networking technologies at work. Exciting numbers for sure.

Unfortunately the social platforms these business leaders have identified in the enterprise? Facebook and Twitter with usage at 74% and 51% respectively. Not exactly the collaboration tools you need to build a robust communication system or accelerate business processes.

Despite this false sense of accomplishment businesses are realizing they need to move away from consumer-driven social tools. In the next 12 months it's looking like the enterprise is hoping to flip the trend as they work on adopting enterprise social collaboration technology over their social networking counterparts.

Challenges still remain, not the least of which is barriers to implementation. With users comfortable with intuitive social platforms like Facebook, many enterprise solutions can require extensive training and dedicated IT resources.

Collaboration is not a technology but something people do. The solution that provides the lowest friction with the highest collaborative enablement is the one that gets used.

While true enterprise tools offer the missing functionality, they are often cumbersome and difficult to use. Workers are looking to improve personal productivity but not if they have to jump through hoops to have it happen. More often than not they start relying on non-corporate sanctioned workarounds, compromising security and compliance for ease-of-use.

Companies are looking for a platform with a low learning curve. We’ve found that if someone doesn’t immediately understand how to navigate a new solution, they won’t continue to use it (unless they are forced to, which leads to a negative user experience). It's marrying ease of use with the enterprise need for security, compliance and scalability.

Shinydocs offers social collaboration tools with robust auditing capabilities and rock solid enterprise security in an easy to use package. It's not chat or a wiki or a feed - it's all about getting active documents done.

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Shinydocs Corporation builds enterprise-class business solutions that allow users to work the way they want. Shinydrive turns any ECM into a drive on your desktop. Organizations can increase adoption, ensure information governance rules and maintain corporate security policies without having to resort to user training.

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