Finding Our Nemo: The Pixar Pitch

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Daniel Pink in his latest book "To Sell is Human" identifies six new pitches for the 21st Century, included one he dubs the Pixar Pitch.

nemoIt's the source code underlying the narrative structure of many award winning Pixar films as revealed by story artist Emma Coats. It works because stories are the most effective way to get a message across. We don't see the world as a "set of logical propositions" but as a series of episodes.

Below is the template and beneath that is our own story told within the Pixar framework.

Once upon a time _______________,
Every day, _______________.
One day _______________.
Because of that _______________.
Because of that _______________.
Until finally _______________.

Once upon a time when people needed to move documents around they had to resort to physical means. Pneumatic tubes gave way to couriers and interoffice memos to fax machines. Today we rely on email to get documents into the hands of the people we work with.

Everyday we send petabytes of document data to millions of people through a system that hasn't changed in 30 years.

The thing is, email sucks for documents. Files get buried, ignored, filtered incorrectly or just plain unanswered.

It's an insecure, messy compromise we all live with.

One day a couple of folks working with one of the world largest Enterprise Information Management organizations, got fed up. Getting documents done was hard! Online collaboration tools just weren't being used. Instead, it was where documents went to die. People simply never got into the habit of going online, finding their document, checking it out, working on it and finally checking it back in.

Because of that people simply started working around the system. They were saving documents to their desktops and creating multiple untracked versions. They were relying on insecure cloud repositories to share information with external vendors. Some just threw their hands up and went back to using email.

Because of that what should have been the simple act of getting documents done wasn't getting any easier. Any document that needed input from more than one person had to travel a convoluted path of multiple versions and overlapping feedback broken up by long spans of inactivity. Some remained ignored in document repositories. Others had to be stitched together from varied versions pulled from multiple sources. Some say there are documents out there now, floating in the digital ether lost and alone as we speak.

Until finally those same folks working at the aforementioned EIM organization said "Enough!" we can do better. They decided to build the tool they were looking for.

It had to be as intuitive as email while doing away with the hoops you need to jump through with online collaboration. It would let you edit anything in its native app instead of forcing you to use another new format. Everyone would work on the latest version and could see what everyone else was doing.

Documents got done. People got happy. High fives all around. - And that my friends, is the story of Shinydocs.

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