Five ways Artificial Intelligence can manage your documents.

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AI-powered automation is changing document management. AI is significantly faster, more reliable and cheaper at managing your documents than humans. It's why organizations are turning to technology to replace manual tasks and improve compliance.

1. AI based auto-classification

Traditionally, teams of knowledge workers spend hundreds of hours classifying and enriching data across the organization. This takes significant time and resources while being less accurate. Machine Learning can replace manual attribution with accurate and fast auto-classification across repositories. AI can classify data in-place so your organization doesn't need to move documents to classify them.

2. Let AI search through your documents

AI helps to automate the process of searching for documents across your organizations' data repositories. Since AI can search at machine speed, it can serve up documents at volumes never before seen. Not only does AI make searching faster, it also allows you to search in new ways. Machine learning can crawl through specific entities and create a searchable index. Users can search through text entities as well as classifications and metadata.

3. Automate your disposition schedule

You can simply program what documents you want included in a disposition strategy, whether that be by create dates, modified dates, or classifications. The AI engine crawls through every repository to find documents meeting the disposition requirements. Once identified, machines can auto-generate a disposition report for your teams to act on. This disposition helps lower the risks associated with document management and reduces your data footprint.

4. Clean up your data

Machines are really good at identifying redundant, obsolete and trivial data. Machine learning can even recognize duplicates at the content level. Use AI to reduce your storage costs and eliminate unnecessary data.

5. AI document migration

AI-powered migration will blow your mind. It can migrate documents to an ECM or cloud at machine speeds while avoiding disruption to your business. Traditionally your organization has been limited on what it can migrate. With AI, organizations are choosing to migrate petabytes of data to their ECM to ensure they are achieving proper compliance.


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