Gartner sentences ECM to death

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"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, 

but the one most responsive to change." —Charles Darwin


When Gartner Group provocatively announced the death of ECM in its blog post “The Death of ECM and Birth of Content Services, it provoked a response from corporations to rethink their digital enterprise and take a step back to consider how they can achieve business goals in new and innovative ways. It is becoming more apparent that ECMs no longer hold the same value that was promised by the original utopian vision that they would be the solution to all enterprise problems. The ECM bubble has been popped and it’s time to shift towards Business Content Services.


In their report, Content Management for the Digital Era: Rethinking Strategies Beyond 2016, Gartner boldly redefines ECM as “a set of services and microservices, embodied either as an integrated product suite or as separate applications that share common APIs and repositories, to exploit diverse content types and serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization.” An important feature of this new service-based strategy is the commoditization of the content repository separated from the user interface.


What does all that mean? It means that ‘where data is stored’ shouldn’t determine the user interface. It means a better, more practical user experience. It means more value can be extracted from information because content can be drawn into any scenario or application.


What does the death of ECM mean for a platform like Microsoft SharePoint? Are investments in SharePoint now worthless?


Charles Darwin suggested that adaptation is the key to survival, and we at Shinydocs agree. In our latest eBook, Shinydocs’ alternative strategic approach to the digital enterprise provides organizations with a more practical way to achieve the benefits promised by the original vision of ECM.


We discuss how to build confidence in the transformation process; how to understand your information assets using cognitive analysis; how to get information where you need it; and, how to ensure that the new solution will be utilized by every user to its fullest potential.


Imagine knowing, with absolute certainty, how to ensure SharePoint remains relevant in your organization. Our eBook will help you do just that.


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Sarah Todd

Written by Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd is a Business Development Representative at Shinydocs. She enjoys discussing high tech, Silicon Valley, digital culture, and all things Artificial Intelligence. Sarah is pursuing an MBA at Santa Clara University in the Bay Area. To contact email

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