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I had the pleasure of presenting the keynote at the recent Digital Utilities of the Future 2 event yesterday where I challenged executives to consider what Digital Transformation will look like and the steps they may have to consider to weather this changing space.
Quite simply, utilities need to become better technology integrators and embrace innovation. Understanding the data unleashed by the new digital systems being implemented will lead the way.

The move to an Intelligent Utility is driven by data understanding and only works if you’re managing all the information that affects your business – in control centers, in the field, in substation or pump stations, even on customer premises. The problem is - data governance requires understanding data at a scale beyond human management.

Mobile enablement equips staff with relevant information on site or on the road. It can prevent needless truck rolls by giving the fieldworkers what they need, when they need it, to perform an assessment, and then remediate and repair in a single visit.

Predictive instead of preventative maintenance inspections that aren’t dictated by a predetermined schedule and happen when needed. Knowing when to cut trees as opposed to waiting for them to fall into power lines.

Information is coming in from intelligent assets such as sensor-equipped infrastructure and smart meters, and the needs of the staff to operate and maintain assets is changing.
It’s time to bring data into the light. Automate the understanding of data at scale.

Shinydocs is already used by large oil and gas and power generation utility companies to analyze documents with machine learning. Armed with that information, Shinydocs crawls and understands the enterprise information and provides asset information they didn’t even know existed.

Apply that power to utilities... Imagine being able to create a digital twin for every physical asset and process to predict maintenance issues and equipment failure. To make faster, data-driven decisions about how to best route power. To drive better customer experiences.

The costs of misplacing and mismanaging data is massive. Security through obscurity is no longer tolerated. Get in front of problems before they happen. The transformational journey begins with automating the understanding of your data, securing it, and growing intelligent assets. The organizations that fail to recognize and act on this right now have failed to start their digital transformation.

Jason Cassidy

Written by Jason Cassidy

Jason has been solving digital enterprise technology challenges for over 20 years and is transforming the digital landscape from traditional ECM to modern Content Services.

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