Hail Hydra

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Yes, your organization is harbouring a subversive, many headed beast that appears to be working in your best interests but is in fact bent on corporate destruction.

If your organization relies on Line of Business applications to get work done, maintain the system and shore up your day to day practice you may be at risk. Organizations the world over rely on LOB systems to fuel their business from proposals to invoices, contracts, forms and essential records.

But it has a nefarious agenda bent on creating silos of information and casting doubt on the veracity of documents as users question whether they’re in possession of the latest version. It delays processes and hampers informed business decisions. Evil!

A typical enterprise will sit on as many as 48 distinct Line of Business applications. Many have to manage well over 100. Severing each of these heads comes at great cost. Integration to the ECM is a time-consuming, resource intensive task, demanding in-house expertise or expensive professional service engagements. These solutions take an inordinate amount of time to program, test and maintain to say nothing of the costs incurred training employees to use each integration. Organizations also face the looming threat of starting from scratch with every ECM upgrade or LOB version.

Shinydrive to the Rescue

Lop off your siloed repositories and address your LOB systems by connecting them to your ECM. Deliver a single version of the truth. Ensure all your data is properly records managed, in compliance, discoverable and part of a defensible disposition schedule. Have the vision to turn your ECM into a centralized document repository which is a stark contrast to the scattered records typical to organizations. Surface LOB data within your ECM to hammer home productivity and facilitate business decisions at quicksilver speed.

Shield yourself from custom integration costs. Our standardized integration makes routing data from your LOB system easy and punches down the total cost of ownership for your ECM. Shinydrive rescues you from content chaos and helps assemble a unified information hub for your enterprise. Heroic.

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David Yoon

Written by David Yoon

Director of Marketing at Shinydocs Corporation. Delivering information management that embraces your current work culture and optimizes your technology investments.

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