What's in a Name?

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Every new venture is faced with the challenge of naming itself.

nameIt's also key that you own the domain as well. Anyone who's bothered looking online knows dictionary words have all been snatched up by squatters. The gold rush that saw people trying to charge $300,000 for goggles.com may be over but the ensuing scramble means you're going to have to be a bit creative. The Internets have already gone through a phase where vowels were overrated resulting in Flickr, Tumblr or Pluggd. Then they went the other way to double vowels like Jadoo, Woot, and ooVoo.

There's no shortage of online tools to help you name your burgeoning entrepreneurial venture. Wordoid was great, offering up gems like doctoberts or paperor. The Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator piped up with Yakijo and Jaxify.

They just weren't us.

If we're being honest - in the early days we referred to the product internally as Enterprise Fart. It was a nice propulsive verb. "Hey Simon - fart that document over here!" "Darcy, are you done farting? Can you wipe the server?" I know. We're 12 year olds.

We jumped around to lots of names - each equally defensible. It had gotten to the point where we were all bouncing around like Ritalin deprived ADHD kids gawping at each new shiny thing. Heeey.

Doesn't hurt that I'm a huge fan of Firefly (Browncoats Unite!) Shiny was a part of their vernacular. The show's weird patois of Chinese meets the ole West in space used it to mean something good or exciting. Turns out show creator Joss Whedon made it up but later found out that it is in fact an old western phrase commonly used to mean good. What's old is new again. Document collaboration done better. Shiny!

* Photo by Robert Occhialini

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