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In a galaxy not so far away, users are avoiding using their ECM. For municipal governments, the reality of under-utilization of ECM is all too real. Users want to work how they work and don’t want to change their process to manage their documents.

The Dark Side of Data

Municipal governments have lots of data which requires proper management. On average, 80% of data in an organization is dark or unstructured. This data can sit in file shares and on user desktops providing no value to the municipality and poses significant risk.

Users don’t want more training

Municipalities often spend countless hours and resources on training users how to properly manage data. Users don’t need or want more training, they need a solution that just works with them.

Do (or do not) there is no try when it comes to document management

If you are a municipal government, the time has come to move forward with a user-focused document strategy. Shinydrive allows for municipalities to eliminate files shares and get user desktops under management. It works by simply capturing data from data repositories, and maps it to a knowledge management solution. Users can save documents normally on their desktop and Shinydrive will seamlessly save to your knowledge management solution. Every Save and Save As will be captured into ECM.

I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.
At Derby City in the UK, we’ve increased ECM adoption by 600% and eliminated the need for user training. This not only saved them countless hours of training, but saved them significant costs.



If you are a municipal government, you can’t expect users to change how they work. It’s time to awaken the force and invest in Shinydrive to drive 100% ECM adoption. Contact us today to learn how!

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Written by Jay Barrett

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