The High Cost of Email

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One of the first sources of content under review in both audit and litigation situations, email is driving significant costs to the enterprise.

With over 90 billion business emails sent everyday through corporate accounts it’s no wonder much of an organization’s corporate memory and critical information ends up buried in email. During litigation or audit review, relying on search to wade through a myriad of email conversation threads and attachments in various states of completion becomes incredibly expensive and time-consuming. The inability to isolate specific correspondences or attachments can put a business in a state of non-compliance and on the receiving end of significant fines and penalties.

emailsecureEmail’s not going away anytime soon but it doesn’t have to be the tool you rely on for many-to-many collaborative work. Creating a continuous collaborative context for your distributive teams provide an opportunity to be even more productive.

Dedicated collaborative tools can preserve the chain of custody, avoid duplication and integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems.

Don’t be hemmed in by the limitations of email simply because that’s what you’re familiar with. Email doesn’t promote accountability or provide visibility into key business processes. Email isn’t terribly secure. Email isn’t future-proofed. It doesn’t have the power to resist the advances in collaborative technology that are happening now. For many companies email is something they can’t afford to solely rely on. How secure are your collaborative tools?

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Written by Shinydocs

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