How to Make your Enterprise Data Migration Painless

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Key Takeaways:

  • Migration can be the center of every corporation’s digital projects in 2018
  • Organizations need to leverage the full power of Enterprise Content Management
  • Shinydocs has the best approach to enterprise migration, without any user disruption

Organizations are scared of migration. Faced with the extensive amount of resources and time required, organization fear making the move into a secure Knowledge Management Solution. Without a clear data migration strategy they are left paralyzed against the rapid data growth they face. Migration needs to be at the center of a digital strategy in order to maximize expensive Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) investments.

The Historical Migration Challenges Organizations Faced:

  • It takes lots of time to migrate documents. Traditional migration can take weeks, months, even years to move data into an ECM.
  • Lengthy Engagements and lots of custom Professional Services work. Brute force migrations require lots of custom PS work and often take lengthy consulting engagements to develop strategies and move documents into ECM.
  • File share and other data sets are too big. The size of an organization’s data set can freeze a data migration. Often the data set is too large to migrate ALL the data into ECM and organizations just don’t have the resources to do it.

Why Migrate to ECM?

Enterprise Content Management is the most powerful and effective way to get documents managed and organizations have invested heavily in these robust systems. According to Cheryl McKinnon at Forrester1, the following are the top reasons to use ECM:

  1. Digitalization of business processes is the number one reason organizations are migrating to ECM. ECM allows organizations to drive powerful workflows and drive micro processes to save your organization time and resources.
  2. ECM allows for organizations to easily share content internally and with external stakeholders.
  3. When documents are in ECM, it promotes improved search across enterprise documents

Disruptive Approach to Migration

Migration to an ECM is vital strategy for every business. It’s why Shinydocs has the fastest way for organizations to seamlessly get data into an Enterprise Content Management system. Shinydocs Migration works at machine speed by intelligently migrating data into the secure ECM, with no disruption to the users.
Machine Speed – Our Migration tool migrates documents at speeds the industry has never seen. In our labs, we’ve moved documents up to 300 GB/day. Shinydocs believes that migration should be a painless process. It’s why our migration tool takes less than 60-minutes to install and you can start to migrate documents immediately.
Zero Disruption – While migrating, users can continue to work on documents. Our tool runs in the background and users won’t even know it’s moving information.
No Professional Services Work – Unlike traditional migration tools, Shinydocs Migration takes zero custom code or professional services work. After a simple 60-minute install call, the migration will be kicked off moving documents into the appropriate location.
Right-click migration – Often users want a quick way to move documents into the ECM without having to engage with IT support. It’s why we’ve included a simple right-click migration feature to allow users to move files or folders into the system of record. It’s the perfect solution for quick migrations into the ECM.

The best way to see the power of our migration tool is to see it in action. Join us on May 16th at 1 PM EST for our webinar: “5 AI-Driven Results are Customers are realizing right now.”
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1. Drive Successful Outcomes With Strategy: Align ECM Programs To Core Business Missions - Forrester Research, Inc. March 1, 2018

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