Information Leakage Infographic

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 20, 2014 1:05:00 PM / by Shinydocs

ingrpahInformation leakage is becoming a serious concern for IT departments. Consumer based collaboration tools are infiltrating the enterprise and exposing corporate information in the name of convenience. This has led to failing confidence in the security of their data in the cloud by IT professionals, and with good reason, with over 600 million records breached in the US alone since 2005.

Security and compliance issues aside, the increasing number of knowledge workers circumventing corporate policies and utilizing their own solutions to accommodate their mobile devices, simplify the collaborative process and work with the people they need to outside the firewall, have created silos of information. This content chaos results in hours of lost productivity at significant cost to the enterprise.

We’ve outlined some of the challenges knowledge workers face as they look to securely sync and share information with our latest infographic.

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Written by Shinydocs

Shinydocs Corporation builds enterprise-class business solutions that allow users to work the way they want. Shinydrive turns any ECM into a drive on your desktop. Organizations can increase adoption, ensure information governance rules and maintain corporate security policies without having to resort to user training.

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