Add Context to a Document - Automagically

By Jason Cassidy

Documents are far more powerful when they are connected to organizational business value. Here is an example of a document and how it can be aligned with things like physical assets, processes or transactions.


Step 1 - Identify Documents for Added Context

Example: An engineering drawing is provided by a vendor. Without context, we won’t know what this document is. From this document all we know is the Project ID. We can use the Project ID as a key to unlock other information associated with this asset.

Engineering drawing example - lacking context

Step 2 

Types of information stored in an ERP

Doing a lookup from our ERP system we find the bill of materials, the purchase orders, the asset classifications. Now these assets are associated and easily found in relation to this document. 

Connections, that should have existed in the first place, have been discovered and created. 

Tags: Machine Learning, Automation, Cognitive Suite

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