Automate Records with Some Help From a Human

By Ryan van Stralen

Combine Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to save some serious time and resources. Here's an example workflow:

Step 1: Collect the files for automation

Move the files you need processed into a designated automation folder. Shinydocs Automation Workflow will automagically find the information you've trained it on, and make it available to humans for review. Here's what that'd look like once the files have been processed: 

Documents recognized in an automation folderStep 2: Review the work 

Now that you've had some documents go through the AI extraction process, you can see Automation Workflow has suggested a file name, classification and key attributes for your your review in Automation Review. 


Screenshot of Shinydocs Automator and example of intelligent property matching 


Step 3: Publish the results

After validating the matches, simply publish the results. The categories and attributes of the documents are now available through search, for migration to your ECM, and for further automated processes!

automator publish to index

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