Find and Tag Obsolete Content by Last Modified Date

By David Yoon

Step 1: 

Use Shinydocs visualizer to review your data by Creation Date,Last Modified Date and Last Accessed Date as shown below: 


Step 2 : 

Using the search bar in Discovery Desktop, set your Last Modified Date parameters in this format: "lastWriteTimeUtc:" followed by square brackets and the dates in yyyy-mm-dd format with a "TO" between them. For example: lastWriteTimeUtc: [2017-02-01 TO 2017-03-01]

Blog Screen Shot

Step 3

The results that are returned within Discovery Desktop can be tagged as obsolete and upon review, can be deleted or migrated for archiving. Obsolete files not only take up storage space, but may contain sensitive information that is a potential liability i.e. if a file has not been accessed or modified in the last 5 years, there is a very good chance that it has no business value and should be removed.

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