How To Search Using Date Ranges

By John Bald

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Use Date Range searches to find files by created, accessed and modified dates

Step 1: The index fields available for searches

The fields in the index are as follows:

                                   creationTimeUtc: - The date the file was created

                                   lastAccessTimeUtc: - The date the file was last opened

                                   lastWriteTimeUtc: - The date the file was last modified


Step 2: The syntax of the date range search

The date format used is YYYY-MM-DD

The date range search uses the following format:



Step 3: Perform the search 

Perform the search in the Shinydocs Discovery Desktop

The search returns all files with a last modified date between June 1st, 2016 and June 30th, 2016



Next Steps: 

Learn more about searching with Shinydocs Discovery Search, a web application that can be made available to all users within your organization

Oh, and of course feel free to reach out to us if you want to talk learn more about search and the Shinydocs Discovery Desktop

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