How to Search Using the Asterisk "*" Wildcard

By John Bald

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*All searches will look for matches in both the title and the content of the file and are not case sensitive

Step 1: The * Wildcard Modifier

The * wildcard modifier is used to broaden search results by replacing exact matches and allowing any character to follow. It can also be used in date range searches to replace an entire start or end date.


Step 2: Using the * Wildcard Modifier

To search using the * wildcard modifier use the following syntax below

You can use more than one * wildcard modifier condition in a search query

e.g. 003*008*

Just note that the search will just replace the asterisk with any character

Step 3:The Search Results

Here is an example of a search result using the * wild card modifier in a keyword search

0003587* - As you can see the search results all start with 0003587 but are then followed by instances of other characters

Wildcard number



Here is an example of a date range search:

lastWriteTimeUtc:[* TO 2005-06-01]

As you can see the search results only returned files with a last modified date from as far back in time start date that is represented by the * wildcard modifier, to the end date of June 1st, 2005


WILD date

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Learn more about searching with Shinydocs Discovery Search, a web application that can be made available to all users within your organization

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