Machines Never Sleep

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The Bright Side of Automation: Machines can help humans sleep better at night.


Automation is everywhere in our personal lives. From a Roomba 960 vacuuming the house while you are out, the Polaris P955 cleaning the pool, and your Oster automatic coffee machine(I can’t afford a Cuisinart) patiently waiting to brew your morning coffee. Take it a step further with a Google Nest Hub, practically everything in the house is at your fingertips or the tip of your tongue with voice commands.





By automating these tedious tasks we can free up time to do more enjoyable and productive endeavours. Carpe diem!


 So why all the doom and gloom about automation in the workplace? One of the reasons is the media hype around automation and robots taking over jobs previously done by humans and creating a vast unemployment(or employment, depending on how you want to spin it) crisis. Not every instance of automation is going to replace jobs in the future. 


One of the top 5 reasons not to be scared by automation according to TechRepublic:


The past is a good example of automation not stealing jobs.

Computers used to be people in a room computing numbers. Machines took away all this work, but somehow office workers didn't disappear. Instead businesses could afford to hire more human-oriented positions that they couldn't before. Things like product managers and customer service.

TechRepublic - Top 5


One of the biggest benefits to workplace automation is to handle the tedious tasks that humans don’t like to do in the first place. Just like the vacuuming and cleaning the pool at home. For example, the duties of record management like adding attributes and classifications to files so they can be properly managed within an ECM(Enterprise Content Management). 

Not just another benefit of automation, but a necessity, is to automate tasks that have grown to the point where humans are no longer capable of doing them. 

All organizations are creating new data at an unprecedented rate. 

Even with large organizations, no matter how many humans you throw at the task of properly managing this content, it won’t even make a dent. And the costs of missing pieces of content are mounting. Sensitive information needs to be managed, PII(Personal Identifiable Information) needs to be secured and documents need to be safely dispositioned.

Automation is now a necessity, but humans are still in charge.

It is the creative decision making process of humans that determines what tasks are to be automated. It is the technical skills of humans that create the applications and programs that make automation possible.

Interestingly enough in a study conducted by researchers at the University of Gottingen, it was found that a team made of a combination of humans and machines performs faster and more efficiently than teams made up of just humans, or just machines.


Better Together - Humans and Robot Co-workers

Human and Robot Handshake Automation


Automation should be embraced to help instill confidence that your organization is doing all it can to keep information managed, secure, and free from the threat of litigation, in the most productive and efficient way possible. 

Let the machines do what they are good at, and let them do it 24/7. Machines Never Sleep.

The effective use of automation can help mitigate the worries and stress associated with data breaches and litigation so that everyone in the organization, right up to the CEO, can sleep at night.


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John Bald

Written by John Bald

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