Make your data GDPR ready FAST!

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 26, 2018 3:13:53 PM / by David Yoon

Get GDPR-Ready Fast

The May 25th deadline is fast approaching for GDPR compliance. By now you've been made very familiar with the fines for non-compliance and the strict requirements required for any company that deals with data subjects in the EU. You've probably seen helpful infographics, lengthy whitepapers and terms like privacy by design, SOTA requirements, the right to be forgotten and cross-functional data governance teams.

But are you close to understanding where you are in terms of readiness? How are you going to respond to that first PII audit or request?

We can help. Shinydocs can make your files and documents GDPR ready in less than a week. We'll start indexing all your documents so that when you're asked for every instance of "John Smith" recorded within the organization - we ensure you can deliver a definitive answer. Mentions in your ECM, email, documents saved on file shares, user desktops, up in the cloud - wherever John Smith's name occurs in the text of your documents we give you the ability to serve it up.

By exposing where your PII lives we solve one of the hardest problems in GDPR. Shinydocs can crawl, collect, categorize and index your existent enterprise documents as well as managing the ongoing ingestion of the growing volume of information your organization needs to deal with.

There's a lot of work to ensuring GDPR compliance but in just a weeks time we can make sure all your documents are ready and auditable. Understand your data and give your GDPR consultants and mandated Data Protection Officers a place to start.


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David Yoon

Written by David Yoon

Director of Marketing at Shinydocs Corporation. Delivering information management that embraces your current work culture and optimizes your technology investments.

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