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UPDATE Oct 5th, 2017: Check out my colleague Paul Kleinknecht's response:


If you appreciate and understand the need for information governance, you should hate your file shares. Users find them easy to use, but shared network drives and folders pose a major threat to data security and governance. Most organizations site operational efficiency as a top priority so the idea of executing on more workflows is compelling if not crucial. Having 85% of all corporate data sitting in file shares works directly against the concept of efficiency. The enterprise needs to find a way to understand and harness this data.


Shut down your shared drives without changes to management strategies and without users noticing. Shinydocs takes the risk out of moving data and eliminating your shared drives, allowing you to bring your unstructured data under control and seamlessly migrate it to your ECM, Big Data, or other repositories.

Moving your data

Shinydocs delivers on 2 migration methods:

  1. User-led migration - everything a user touches is quietly and automatically migrated to your ECM or preferred back-end solution. This method ensures that your active data is moved without disruption.
  2. Bulk Migration – after using our Cognitive Analysis to identify your high value business data, we will run a script to move the targeted files into your ECM or preferred repository.


Both methods produce the following benefits:

  • Files can remain accessible to end users throughout the migration process.
  • Maintain fidelity including files structures, metadata, data integrity and linked.


Shinydocs eliminates shared drive dependence while ensuring your enterprise information is backed up, secured, compliant, versioned and part of a defensible disposition schedule. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more!


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Sarah Todd

Written by Sarah Todd

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