Navigating Document Management with Cognitive Analysis

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The document management journey can be difficult to navigate. Organizations have started to face the treacherous voyage of getting their data under proper management, with little way to navigate the seas ahead.

The New World of Data

The new world is filled with unknowns and mysteries for enterprises. Everyone is jumping into this reality with little to no knowledge of what to except. According to IDC, data is growing at a speed most organizations can’t catch up with. By the year 2020, over 44 zettabytes of information will be in the world’s data set.1 It’s growing so fast; most organizations can’t catch up.

In this new world, the threat of cyberattacks has never been higher. According to IBM research, the average cost of a cyber breach in 2017 cost $3.62 million and the average cost of a stolen or lost record is $141.2 Organizations need to move all their data into managed system in order to protect this data.

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Making steps in this new world can be frightening, but Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis is the best way to guide you through this complex problem. Automate the understanding of all your enterprise files, giving you the information you need to succeed.  

Before the journey begins, our Cognitive Analysis tool crawls through enterprise data to build powerful data visualizations. Think of this as a map to your enterprise data, learn where it lives and what the data is. Explore which documents contain information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), organization names, contract dates and more.

Further Exploration

Our Cognitive Analysis tool goes one step further. Our tool automatically classifies documents based on the metadata and document content. Eliminate the need for users to manually classify, saving countless hours and avoiding costly mistakes. Identify contracts, purchase orders, tax statements, all automatically, with no user training.

Extract entities from your documents and PST files to create a transparent organization. Extract dates, names, companies or anything important to your organization. This visibility promotes easy eDiscovery across your enterprise.  

The world of document management is complex, but it can be managed with the proper tools. Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis is the best way to get documents understood and gain new business intelligence into your enterprise documents. If you want to learn the steps required to getting documents managed, check out our latest white paper.

1. IDC, “The Digital Universe of Opportunities: Rich Data and the Increasing Value of the Internet of Things” April 2014, 

2. IBM, "Cost of Data Breach Study" June 2017 


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