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On September 22, the article "Move your Shared Drives into ECM... Right Now!" by my colleague Sarah Todd was published, discussing methods to eliminate shared drives. I wanted to give my two cents. 


At the macro level, enterprise customers generally want to improve performance, decrease security risks and reduce costs. So why do they tolerate the fact that 85% of their data sits in unstructured file shares wasting away or worse, waiting to be exposed at the company’s next litigation event?


Just to drive the point, customized ERP deployments can cost anywhere between $15-30 million dollars… or in some cases much higher. Automation is a big deal for companies. So why is anybody willing to accept that most data is stored in file shares, which offers no efficiency, increase costs, and makes companies less secure?


In most organizations nobody knows where to start. You’ll be able to move mountains knowing these two things:

  1. What the data is and its value to each business unit
  2. Where the ‘heavy business process” areas are within these units today


Once you have this understanding, you’ll unlock the secretes to significantly increasing security and performance…


…and not just by a little.


Today, companies are at an advantage because they can identify what an important document looks like, making this problem an easy fix. Companies have already classified a small amount of data in an ECM. Shinydocs can use existing classified data to train our A.I. engines in minutes, allowing us to crawl all repositories, including desktops and file shares, to find and classify files.


Because the underlying system understands the contents of the data, driving workflows becomes the easy part. Imagine that!


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Paul Kleinknecht

Written by Paul Kleinknecht

Paul is Co-Founder & VP of Sales and Business Development at Shinydocs. He brings professional insights from his extensive sales career, specializing in A.I., ECM, workflows, and the future of the digital enterprise.

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