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Jason and I have been hitting the road hard. Doing the dog and pony, spreading the word, preaching the gospel of getting documents done and speaking the truth of shared collaboration.

It's been great! People have been more than generous with their time and gracious in their feedback. It doesn't hurt that the feedback has been resoundingly positive. People get it.

There's a host of collaborative options out there. Basecamp is popular with design agencies but adoption by their clients is abysmal. Sadly, collaboration often begins and ends with that first email of "check out the folder I've set up in Basecamp for all our documents going forward." Amidst some fumbling, time consuming tutorials and handholding everyone finds themselves back to email.

The enterprise hasn't fared much better. We've found that many people have been actively circumventing their document management repositories. More than one person has commented that "it's where documents go to die." When the document is in flight, when people are actively collaborating to get it done, doc man proves way too cumbersome. Folks have quietly started adopting Cloud Storage to avoid the IT permission hassles of dealing with external vendors. We even talked with someone who, when faced with a corporate IT ban on Dropbox, simply switched to using Box.

Of course this is where we tell you our solution is better. That it solves the problems that these people have been working around for years. And we do. Absolutely we do.

Insight into your collaborations, transparency on who's done what and as easy to use as email. But we're not out there force feeding our application down people's throats. We're still validating our solution and readying massive improvements for the beta. We want you to open your minds and let us show you what makes collaboration better for you.

Thanks to everyone we've talked to this month! You're helping us make Shinydocs better. From Jody at Eyelight Creative. Ben at Hagon Design, Ryan at Axonify, Richard at Locus Systems Inc, Andrew & Phil at AGFA HealthCare, Adam at OpenText, Jason at Pathways to Education, David at PTC, Darryl at My Lead Agency, Mike at PCI Geomatics, Bud at Porter-Roth Associates and the dozens of others we've had the pleasure of talking to — and to the many more we're lining up in the coming weeks. Thanks for being all kinds of win.

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