Password Fail

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Here at Shinydocs Corporation our applications take enterprise security seriously - but a recent report that’s been making the rounds shows that users are undermining software's best efforts. That’s surprising considering 2014 brought us Heartbleed, as well as the Sony, Adobe, Dropbox, iCloud and Steam hacks.

SplashData has released it’s annual list of the 25 most common passwords compiled from over 3.3 million leaked passwords in North America and Western Europe. There's a lot of #facepalm here.

passfailTop spot for worst password is “123456” though its close cousins “12345” and “12345678” also make the top five. Perennial favourites “password” and “qwerty” make the list again, though new additions include “mustang”, “superman”, “batman” and “696969”. Clearly our internet security is in the hands of 12 year old boys.

Apparently it bears repeating, but try using passwords that are longer than 8 characters in length. Using a collection of upper and lower case characters along with numbers and symbols when possible are also good ideas. Pass phrases are all the rage now and lengthy word strings are notoriously difficult to hack but still easier to remember. Try ShinydocsHorseBoots! for example. And don't rely on a single password for all your applications. Every little bit helps.

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