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IBM invited Shinydocs to join experts and industry leaders in Toronto for the Disruptive Innovation Forum 2017. This event focused on how to tap into the power of data, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies to disrupt your competition and win for the next 20 years and beyond.

We demonstrated how Shinydocs can help solve challenges with dark data and highlighted how enterprises can use A.I Automation to make documents part of a big data strategy.


What we learned:

  • Organizations are ready to leverage next generation technology. According to the CEO of Venture Communications, Arlene Dickinson, fresh minds are adopting A.I. technologies faster.
  • Large vendors like IBM are looking to smaller nimble partners to show how the next generation technology will solve specific business problems.
  • Shinydocs’ technology is a perfect fit for organizations who have been “bit” by the “storage is cheap” way of thinking. Discovering that managing and finding documents is hard when you don’t organize and understand them as part of a document lifecycle.

Did you miss us at the IBM Disruptive Innovation Forum? We covered:

Where is your dark data?

The world is producing data at an exponential rate with no way of capturing ALL data. Having data sitting in an unmanaged ecosystem puts organizations at risk. Business critical and personal identifiable information (PII) are usually scattered between file shares, user desktops, unmanaged legacy repositories, and emails.

Using Shinydocs Cognitive, organizations can crawl through data repositories and get a view into 100% of their enterprise data. Shinydocs Cognitive allows for a transparent view into the organization’s data repositories. Deep dive into important information using this powerful visualization tool.

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View into our dashboard which reports on enterprise data. 

Cognitive Information Management

It’s time to start leveraging the full benefit of enterprise data by making big data BIG. Every file created in organizations, whether it’s an email, a chat history, a document or a contact, brings value to the organization and should be managed.

Artificial intelligence is the perfect solution to drive document management because it works at machine speed with better-than-human accuracy. Shinydocs Cognitive uses powerful A.I. engines to automatically classify enterprise documents.

Shinydrive Cognitive can:

  • Extract entities that are important to the organization
  • Automatically classify documents based on the metadata and content
  • Drive workflows and decision trees using robotic process automation based on enterprise documents

To achieve the full benefit of big data, enterprises need a way to get 100% of data managed. Shinydrive integrates right into the operating system to seamlessly capture enterprise documents in data repositories. Whether it be user desktops or file shares, Shinydrive will capture documents in a knowledge management solution without any disruption to the user.

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Thanks to everyone at the IBM Disruptive Innovation Forum for the great feedback. We look forward to continuing these great discussions!



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