PRISM And How It Affects Canadians

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prismIt's an ever shifting landscape as the story continues to evolve, but back in early June The Guardian introduced the world to PRISM. Developed by the NSA, this secret government program has been collecting and monitoring online activity since 2007. This includes audio, video, photos, emails, documents, file transfers, search queries, social networking details - your entire online life.

While the extent of access is still being hotly contested, the companies named in the leaked PRISM documents include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Skype and others.

If you think there's a digital border separating us from the U.S. you're sadly mistaken. 90% of Canadian digital activity is routed through the United States. Even an email sent across town is likely being routed through Chicago or New York. For all intents and purposes, the internet as we know it is American owned.

That means Canadians need to be concerned. The NSA need only to be 51% sure the proposed target lives outside of the US to warrant surveillance. By that definition alone Canadians are foreign citizens and therefore fair game.

We've created a simple infographic outlining the ramifications of PRISM for Canadians.

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