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Built on the belief that the true test of a startup's merit is its ability to generate revenue, the Communitech Sales Program focuses on the down and dirty, real work that needs to happen at any start-up venture.

Meet-ups, pitch nights, start-up hours, days and weekends are all fine and good for raising your profile and getting lines of copy, but it's revenue that's the true life blood of any company.[/p]

awardWith that driving philosophy Communitech's Executive in Residence Andrew Abouchar of Tech Capital Partners and Rod Foster past CEO of Covarity (who brings over 20 years of sales experience including building up organizations from the zero to $100 million in a few years) decided that building a sales process and managing a sales team are skills that can be taught. They've created a 90 day process where selected company executives meet once a week to put themselves on the path to becoming sales driven organizations.

As part of the second cohort Shinydocs was joined by executives at BuildCircle, PostBeyond and NetClick to meet once a week to share their sales experiences and work towards improving their processes. For us it became the best part of the week as we articulated our successes and challenges while having our feet held to the fire. Week to week each company would set sales goals to deliver on. It proved a motivator to know that come Friday you would have to stand in front of your peers and tell them whether you succeeded or not.

Shinydocs managed to consistently deliver on our promises thereby earning the coveted Communitch Venture Services Sales Award top spot. No easy feat considering the sheer amount of awesome brought to the table by our fellow participants.

It was an eye-opening process and we couldn't recommend it more. If you're a technology driven company you need to transition to becoming a sales driven company. If you're local to Waterloo Region and want to apply to be part of the fourth cohort ping me at and I'll get you in touch with the program.

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