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Shinydrive for Documentum is here! OpenText has been selling our award-winning Shinydrive interface for several years, and it's now being deployed for Documentum across the globe. If your organization is using Documentum, the time has never been better to get 100% of your documents managed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Seamlessly Capture Data in Documentum.

With Shinydrive for Documentum, capture 100% of user’s documents in ECM. Every single Save and Save As will be seamlessly captured, without the users even realizing. Whether data is in file shares, desktops and My Documents, every document will be managed. Version history, permissions, audit, and categories will all be available for every file.

Compatible with Every Desktop File Type.

Whether your organization is working in Microsoft Office, Linked Excel,  Cad or other file types (common or uncommon), Shinydrive for Documentum just works. 

Offline Editing.

Even when your users aren’t connected, they are able to access and edit documents in an offline state. Promote and support remote working demands and still drive compliant document management practices.

Shinydrive is the best and only way to get 100% of documents managed in Documentum. Contact us for a demonstration to learn how Shinydrive can help you drive powerful workflows with 100% of your data.


Watch our latest webinar on Documentum to learn how you can maintain a record retention policy, versioning, permissions, and an audit history.  Watch here. 



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Written by Jay Barrett

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