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The Oil and Gas industry face unique geographical challenges that tax the ability of workers to access information. Whether you’re talking about a stationary rig out on the ocean or a continuously moving vessel; high latency, unreliable connectivity and low bandwidth have made it difficult to ensure the availability of data between systems.

The ability to create, update, and consume records regardless of connectivity is critical to safety and compliance. Work suffers, profits are lost and deadlines are missed when employees can’t connect to the content they need. Traditionally, oil and gas have relied on a complex combination of human capital, ECM and replication technology.

What value does Shinydrive bring to Oil and Gas?

  • Shinydrive’s Intelligent Caching mitigates the challenges facing the typically global and often highly distributed footprint of oil and gas. End users experience content within the ECM offline as easily as they do online.
  • Rendering your complex ECM as a file directory with Shinydrive means workers can be up and running quickly with no user training. It can also reduces drag on tenured employees who no longer have to “babysit” new hires.
  • Highly skilled (and highly paid) experts in the field can maximize their time on task and keep costs down by having the information they need available regardless of connectivity.
  • Shinydrive’s ability to consolidate disparate repositories reduces the incidence of multiple versions or conflicting information. Storing information in a single repository increases efficiencies, reduces risk and mitigates risk.
Whether your focus is on achieving 100% compliance, ensuring that users are able to access ECM content or preventing delays by ensuring that the folks on the rigs have the right information when they need it, Shinydrive helps organizations achieve maximum value from their ECM systems in a minimum amount of time and effort. With Shinydrive, your ECM works— smarter, faster, and at less cost.

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David Yoon

Written by David Yoon

Director of Marketing at Shinydocs Corporation. Delivering information management that embraces your current work culture and optimizes your technology investments.

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