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Shinydrive v1 is the best-selling OpenText Content Server 3rd party solution, but we know we can do more. It’s why we’ve launched Shinydrive v2. This solution allows desktop applications to capture enterprise content into data repositories, including Cloud Object Storage, OpenText™ Content Server, and Microsoft® SharePoint.


Here’s what you need to know:

Seamless Integration

Shinydrive™ v2 seamlessly integrates into your operating system, instinctively capturing documents. What does this mean for you? Users can work in My Documents and shared drives, and still have their documents completely managed by a knowledge management solution. Version history, permissions, audit, and categories will all be available to them for every file with every desktop application.

Compatible with any System

Shinydrive v2 works with both cloud object storage and on-premise ECM repositories. It’s not classy to namedrop but… we’re friends with Livelink™ 9.7.1, OpenText Content Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Amazon S3, Azure™, IBM Bluemix®, or any S3 compatible cloud storage.

Offline Editing

Now with offline capabilities, Shinydrive v2 lets users access and edit documents even when you’re not connected to the Internet, facilitating remote work demands.

Data Migration

Shinydrive v2 includes a quality migration tool that works. Seamlessly migrate your enterprise data without any disruption to users.  If your organization is paralyzed by current migration complexity, you finally have a solution that will get you moving.

Automatic Classification

Say goodbye to manually classifying documents.  Cognitive Analysis automatically classifies each document using natural language processing. This powerful capability can be combined with migration to automatically classify and push the documents into your knowledge management system.

Entity Extraction

Cognitive Analysis goes way beyond auto classifying. Entity extraction provides your organization complete transparency and a clear view into any document your organization possesses. Extract dates, names and companies without skipping a beat.

A New Outlook on Life

Pun intended. Shinydrive365 connects all your data repositories in a single pane within Microsoft Outlook®, creating a one-stop-shop for productivity. Take a look for yourself. Why make things more complicated? Shinydrive 365 is foolproof.


Shinydrive v2 WILL change how you view enterprise data. All this, and it only takes 60 minutes to install. Contact us if you would like to set up a trial of Shinydrive v2.

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