Social Document Editing Explained

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Getting your mission critical documents done when you have to rely on the input of other people in the organization can be an exercise in frustration. There's the hassle of consolidating editing from multiple sources, not knowing what people are doing with the files and messy version control. It often requires a lot of hand-holding, prairie dogging over cubicle walls and telephone calls to ensure you team has looked at the latest version.

simpsonObviously we're offering up a better way. Shinydocs ensures everyone is on the same page and knows what everyone else is up to. Working with every application in a completely secure environment, Shinydocs speeds time to completion and reduces the hassles we're all too familiar with when resorting to email.

Take Peter here, our resident two-dimensional, enterprise worker who's just trying to get his document done. Our first explainer video outlines exactly what social document editing can do for you.

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