Tame your Unstructured Data by Transforming it from a Liability to an Asset

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According to Gartner, 80% of enterprise data is unstructured “dark” data. Meanwhile McKinsey and Company’s calculations reveal that typical business servers leave 97% of data untouched from the previous year. The Uptime Institute states this data dormancy results in worldwide costs of nearly $30 billion in idle capital. This doesn’t include the opportunity costs of not having access to valuable data or the liability costs of hosting the wrong data.

Now imagine a tool where, in less than 48 hours, you could crawl and understand terabytes of data across multiple systems


Shinydocs Cognitive Suite is designed to tame your unstructured data and leverage all your unmanaged files - turning them from a liability into an asset. The Suite transparently manages all your information by using visualizations supported by real-time analytics, in a process that is safe, secure, and accurate. Understanding what is being stored is an essential first step before migrating data to a cloud or an ECM.

The Metadata sweep is a high-level crawl that will efficiently cover all data across systems and drive data accessibility and understanding. Unstructured data is tagged to ensure each file is clearly defined and easily searchable. Nothing falls through the cracks and 100% file visibility is attained.

It doesn’t make sense to launch a digital transformation initiative burdened with legacy data. Identify your dark data at machine speed with smart automation tools and Marie Kondo that data that no longer brings you joy!


Written by Shinydocs

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