The Business Case for ECM Deployment

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Organizations invest millions of dollars in ECM, but the reality is organizations are facing barriers to deployment causing ECM to be underutilized. Organizations need a plan to successfully deploy ECM across all the users and get documents managed in the system of record. ECM can be an extremely valuable tool for organizations because they drive automated processes, records management and compliance.

Why Deploy ECM?

Forrester Research surveyed top ECM decision makers to learn which drivers are the most important for investing in these systems:


Source: Drive Successful Outcomes With Strategy: Align ECM Programs To Core Business Missions, March 2018, Forrester

ECM provides a tremendous amount of value for the organization, but they need to be successfully deployed across the organization in order to be successful.

Decision makers highlighted where they have seen the greatest return on ECM.

Here are the top three reasons:


Source: Programs, Not Projects: Iterative ECM Deployments Drive Higher Satisfaction Levels, December 2017, Forrester

The Challenges facing ECM Deployment

Significant hurdles need to overcome to get the full return on an ECM investment. Shinydocs addresses these issues head on without disrupting users.

Take a look at top challenges facing ECM:

 ECM Challeneges

Source: Develop Five Processes To Drive Ongoing ECM Program Success, February 2018, Forrester


Here’s how Shinydocs believes that it can solve these problems:

The Challenge

How Shinydocs Helps

User Adoption of ECM Solutions

  • Exposes the underlying ECM as a drive, every user is on the system without even knowing it.
  • Eliminate all user training because every user knows how to use a file share.

Lack of Coordinated Governance

  • Shinydocs Cognitive allows business leaders to understand and discuss real business issues related to precisely what their data actually is.
  • Make data decisions by seeing what documents are living outside of ECM

Proliferation of file shares and SharePoint

  • Map the underlying ECM to every personal drive and file share
  • Capture every save and save as in ECM without users realizing

Lack of Budget and executive support

  • Executives now have a guarantee for the intended ECM value.
  • Every document has version control, permissions and an audit history ensuring compliance

Lack of available expertise and implementation

  • Eliminate the need for user training
  • Every user knows how to work in a file share and a desktop drive
  • Users won’t even know they are using ECM

Difficult to quickly add or update applications with ECM

  • Since Shinydocs products integrate into the operating system, all desktop application works with the ECM

Migrating content from old systems or storage locations

  • Organizations can seamlessly migrate documents to ECM or manage data in-place
  • Shinydocs migrations happen at machine speed



 Shinydocs solutions help a variety of customers drive ECM adoption and see the benefits of ECM deployment skyrocket! Derby City in the United Kingdom deployed Shinydocs solutions and saw a 600% increase in ECM adoption AND eliminated all user training. This not only reduce costs drastically, but it also drove high ROI for the organization. 


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Paul Kleinknecht

Written by Paul Kleinknecht

Paul is Co-Founder & VP of Sales and Business Development at Shinydocs. He brings professional insights from his extensive sales career, specializing in A.I., ECM, workflows, and the future of the digital enterprise.

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