Unlimited Profiles, Unlimited User Engagement

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Your ECM solution tracks documents, manages permissions, creates workflows. What doesn’t it do? It doesn’t work the way your end users do.

The need to engage your end users is a constant battle for most organizations. With Shinydrive, one of the ways you can engage your users is by organizing your content as you see fit—according to expertise, by department or any other classification system you can dream up.

Through the use of Shinydrive profiles, you have the flexibility to set up your ECM the way your users work. Your finance team works together. Why not create a finance profile? Your HR department works together. Why not create an HR profile?  Shinydrive gives you an unlimited number of profiles per Shinydrive instance, so you can create one for every situation.

If you have 5 different types of users, you can have 5 different types of profiles that provide a unique drive or set of drives pointing to specific locations in Content Server to collaborate and store documents.  For example, you can set up an enterprise profile, a personal profile, an HR profile, a finance profile, a compliance profile, etc. The possibilities are endless.

And best of all, none of these profiles will have any effect on how content gets classified in your ECM. The right content will automatically be in the right place within your ECM solution without your end users ever caring how it happened.

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Written by Shinydocs

Shinydocs Corporation builds enterprise-class business solutions that allow users to work the way they want. Shinydrive turns any ECM into a drive on your desktop. Organizations can increase adoption, ensure information governance rules and maintain corporate security policies without having to resort to user training.

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