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OpenText Enterprise World welcomed over 5,000 attendees to Toronto and Shinydocs Corporation was once again at the center of the ECM discussion, bringing innovative and disruptive solutions to the enterprise. 

On top of delivering the world's largest Information Management conference, OpenText once again took the time to recognize Shinydocs as their best-selling solution extension for the third straight year. 

OpenText Shinydrive for Content Server is quickly becoming a de facto addition to every Content Server deployment and an obvious solution to drive adoption in long standing customers. Add to that Shinydocs' ability to connect and clean up unstructured data across the enterprise and you can see why it's consistently in demand. 

From the moment Enterprise World kicked off, the Shinydocs booth was a huge hit with hundreds of people stopping by to learn how they can leverage their unstructured data. 

Here are the three biggest takeaways from Enterprise World: 

Every single customer has a file share clean up project. 

Organizations from 5 to 20,000 users are struggling with the same problem. “How can I eliminate my unstructured data in file shares and desktops?” It's clear unstructured data is a mounting problem that organizations are wrestling with, and data volumes continue to grow exponentially. 

“How much data do you have?”

It’s a question we like to ask every one we talk to, but amazingly, we get the same shoulder shrug and “I’m not sure” answer. Most organizations don’t know how much data they have living in file shares, desktops and email, which is a scary reality. Documents remain dark to the organization which creates risk. 

User Adoption Remains Top Priority

Organizations have invested heavily in Content Server or Documentum, but they see little return in user adoption. Users aren’t using the system which creates risk and non-compliance for the organization. 

How Shinydocs Helps: 

Shinydocs uses AI to crawl through repositories to clean up redundant, obsolete and trivial data, auto-classify data and migrate documents to ECM. The first step Shinydocs takes is to understand what data you have living across your organization. Secondly, Shinydocs automatically classifies data based on metadata and document content. Thirdly, Shinydocs migrates documents into ECM at speeds never before seen. Our CEO, Jason Cassidy, speaking about Shinydrive

CAPTION: Our CEO, Jason Cassidy, speaking about Shinydocs solutions at the partner theater. 

Shinydrive is the best way to get users into ECM because it exposes Content Server, Documentum or SharePoint as a drive. Users don’t even know they are saving every document in ECM because they are just using Windows Explorer.  

We want to prove our solutions out. You can run a non-disruptive POC today and you will be seeing the business value right away. 


Email info@shinydocs.com for more information!


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Written by Jay Barrett

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