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"Enterprise Connect" and "Content Navigator" are two examples of many desktop integrated applications available from ECM vendors. They were made to solve a problem. If you read the "THREE STEPS" you realize that web based document management creates barriers for creation and editing of content. The intent of these desktop integrated applications is to provide a "Windows Explorer like interface" so users can attempt the 3 steps for creating and editing content.

The Problem

These applications are APPLICATIONS, and that is the problem. Did you ever notice that the programs that work well with them have plugins (like word, excel) The applications that work poorly with them is EVERYTHING ELSE. Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop, Engineering applications of all kinds (Civil 3D, Revit, and the obvious AutoCAD and Microstation) even the humble notepad can be stymied by these applications and make it difficult even to "Save As" to your ECM like you can with your local disk.

The problem truly is that applications just are not programmed in a standardized way to talk to other applications for their storage. Generally, applications assume that their storage is a local or network disk that they can use for their files and documents.

The Problem Gets Worse

These applications are buried in your Window Explorer, and DON'T EXIST for Mac Finder. You need training to even know what they are and what you are supposed to do with them. The provide every ECM function under the sun, when your users just want to do the 3 steps.

driveswinThe Solution

The solution should seem obvious by now. Don't bend each application with plug-ins and sync engines. Make the ECM a local or network disk that EVERY DESKTOP APPLICATION can use to store their files.

Your users already know how to create and edit documents on their local disk. No training required.

Shinydrive doesn't provide a "Windows Explorer like interface", IT IS A LOCAL DISK ON MAC AND WINDOWS PC. Because it is integrated as a disk directly into the operating system, every desktop application can work with it. Your users require zero training. Win.

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Written by Shinydocs

Shinydocs Corporation builds enterprise-class business solutions that allow users to work the way they want. Shinydrive turns any ECM into a drive on your desktop. Organizations can increase adoption, ensure information governance rules and maintain corporate security policies without having to resort to user training.

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