Why GDPR is actually a blessing

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Tackling the spring cleaning of your data chaos is a lot like organizing the garage. It's been on the to do list for years, but it's a big pain and you don't know where to start. Then, your water heater breaks and you're forced to clear a path through the clutter for the repairman. Now, only because of this forced situation, you have to finally organize and tidy the garage. Oy.

GDPR is secretly a blessing. It encourages us to re-imagine business processes and sort through our data chaos. 

If you’re unfamiliar with what GDPR is unleashing onto businesses worldwide, I encourage you to quickly read this blog post about GDPR’s arrival, consolidating 160 requirements into a bite-size summary.

If I’m being honest, cleaning out my garage could take a lot more effort than entire organizations preparing for GDPR. Seriously. By deploying Shinydocs’ solutions, this preparation is reduced to installing our Shinydrive software, getting on a service call with us, and sitting back or going home for the weekend. We crawl your data to understand what documents actually live in your shared file drives, data repositories, email, and desktops. Then, we work with you to determine which file types need to have compliance guidelines to satisfy all legislative and client requirements for document security and privacy. Instead of riffling through old dust-covered boxes and oil-slicked house products, our Artificial Intelligence-powered Cognitive Analysis will automatically dispose of redundant, obsolete, and trivial documents. This sorting process becomes automated so your file folders are constantly organizing themselves without your knowledge. One more thing – Shinydrive will routinely save all working documents to your storage solution.




Boom. Shinydocs does all the lifting. We can help save companies from getting hit with a non-compliance penalty of up to 4% of annual revenues.

So, unlike me who will be printing out label makers and tacking them on boxes to distinguish between holiday decorations and beach toys, those who adopt Shinydocs will have every document intuitively searchable by content, entities, and metadata. No need to label the categories yourself – A.I. will do it… lucky son-of-a-gun.

  • All documents will have permissions, version control and auditability.
  • Easily avoid CryptoLocker/malware attacks by rolling back affected files.
  • No training because our solutions do everything seamlessly without the user noticing.
  • Meet all GDPR, Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and other regulatory requirements… automatically.
  • Reduce storage spending, security costs, and potential fines.

So yes, GDPR is troubling and the potential penalties are scary. There are solutions out there to make this governance-heavy adjustment much easier and labor free. It gives companies the opportunity to do some spring cleaning while preparing for success in the future, such as modernizing the workplace through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. 

Visit our GDPR Compliance page for more information and nifty infographic.



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Sarah Todd

Written by Sarah Todd

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